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Upcoming Dates

March 23, 2022 – WV EXPO – Advanced Energy Conservation & IEQ Guidance, Energy Goals and Integrated Design, Steps to Making Existing Commercial Buildings More Efficient, Healthy and Comfortable, Charleston Convention Center, WV(In-person attendance Only)
April 28, 2022 – WV ASHRAE 2022 Day of Learning/Trade Show – Days Inn, Flatwoods, WV
June 25-29, 2022 – ASHRAE Annual Conference – Toronto, Canada

Please JOIN WVASHRAE at this year’s WV EXPO
Wednesday, March 23, 2022
for a Chapter/BOG Meeting and 3 Educational Seminars

The WV EXPO is held at the Charleston WV Coliseum and Convention Center.  WV ASHRAE meetings and seminars will be in Conference Room 204.

Attendance of these meetings and seminars is FREE and no registration is required, but it is suggested you pre-register for WV EXPO attendance.

Seminar attendees will earn a
PDH certificate from WV ASHRAE for each seminar attended.

Meeting Topics and Schedule:
8:00AM-8:45AM Chapter and BOG Meeting
9:00AM-10:15AM Advanced Energy Conservation & IEQ Design Guidance & Applications – presented by Terry Townsend, PE, Fellow ASHRAE
10:30AM-12:00PM Energy Goals and Integrated Design – presented by Terry Townsend, PE, Fellow ASHRAE
1:30PM-3:00PM Steps Toward Achieving Advanced Energy Performance in Existing Buildings – presented by Terry Townsend, PE, Fellow ASHRAE GBCI Approved – 1 CE Hour (0920017431) and AIA Approved – 1 LU/HSW (TOWNSEND01)

Presentation Descriptions:

Advanced Energy Conservation and IEQ Design Guidance and Applications: Energy efficient buildings that do not provide proper IAQ and comfort for its occupants are really failures. This presentation goes through guidance in the AEDG series coupled with advanced guidance from Standards 90.1, 62.1 and 55 in order to provide the design team with tactics that must be integrated into sustainable buildings as we march forward to Net-Zero Energy facilities. The presentation will provide specific guidance for building types and climatic regions that attendees will be familiar with.

Energy Goals and Integrated Design: The realm of energy conservation, energy targets and high performance, sustainable buildings is presented in a succinct sequence for both architects and engineers. The basis for the presentation is how to implement an integrated design approach that achieves the energy and performance goals of an owner. Materials presented includes ASHRAE’s Energy Targets for Building Codes, ASHRAE’s Building Energy Quotient program, Building Systems’ Commissioning, successful applications of the design guidance provided in ASHRAE’s Advanced Energy Design Guides (AEDGs) for 30% and 50% savings over Building Code requirements, and how an integrated design approach is the vehicle by which “Net-Zero” energy facilities will be achieved. True “Net-Zero” applications, both nationally and internationally, will be presented along with the required ‘Technology Pathways’ for achieving Zero Energy and Beyond Buildings.

Steps Toward Achieving Advanced Energy Performance in Existing Buildings: The Existing Buildings comprise 98% of the building stock globally and are the primary reason that the CBECS Energy Utilization Indices (EUIs) have been steadily increasing since 1999. This presentation will present a comprehensive step-wise sequence for achieving various levels of increased energy efficiency from an existing building’s current EUI situation to a 15% or 30% improvement, to bringing the building to the level of energy efficiency up to the current 90.1 Standard requirements to an ultimate energy savings target of achieving a 30% increased energy efficiency over 90.1. Economic scenarios and business-case based examples will be presented for these various energy savings levels as well as detailed explanation of how the technical retro-commissioning process should be used to develop both short-term and long-term strategies in achieving the sought energy savings levels. GBCI Approved – 1 CE Hour (0920017431) and AIA Approved – 1 LU/HSW (TOWNSEND01)

Presenter: Terry E. Townsend, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, is president of Townsend Engineering Inc., Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Panama City, Florida

Terry Townsend served as president of ASHRAE in 2006-07, where he focused the Society’s efforts on The ASHRAE Promise: A Sustainable Future, highlighting ASHRAE’s work in sustainability in the building environment. His achievements as president include launching ASHRAE’s first ever certification program, with the initial certification offering for healthcare facility design professionals; accelerating and expanding the Advanced Energy Design Guide series, which includes 30% guides on small retail, small office buildings, K-12 school buildings, warehouses and self-storage units, highway lodging and small healthcare facilities; and 50% guides on medium-to-big-box retail, small-medium office buildings, K-12 school buildings and large hospitals; setting more stringent savings for ASHRAE’s energy standard.

Additional activities included proving resources on how ASHRAE can minimize the impact of its meetings on the environment; and calling for development of the Society’s first water efficiency standard, ASHRAE/USGBC/ASPE/AWWA Standard 191P, Standard for the Efficient Use of Water in Building, Site and Mechanical Systems which provides baseline requirements for the design of buildings, site and mechanical systems and is currently under development by ASHRAE, the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE), the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). After serving as Society president, Townsend chaired the Building Performance and Metrics Steering Committee that coordinated the activities of special projects, including the development of publications, tools and guidance on how to measure a building’s performance, how to improve, on an on-going basis, and sustain peak building performance. Projects included two books, “Performance Measurement Protocols for Commercial Buildings” and “Performance Measurement Protocols for Commercial Buildings: Best Practices Guide;” oversight of a carbon emissions calculations tool being developed by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory; and support of the DASH: Database for Analyzing Sustainable and High Performance Buildings being developed by the Green Building Alliance.

To support the ASHRAE Building Energy Quotient (bEQ) program, Townsend developed a specialized training program that integrates commercial energy audit strategies with the bEQ program’s building performance management tools and technical retro-commissioning and on-going commissioning processes to produce commercial buildings that are energy efficient, healthy and comfortable. This training program has already been presented both nationally and internationally and has resulted in municipalities, state and provincial governments and college campuses adopting the training program’s roadmap toward achieving and maintaining targeted building performance goals.

He is the recipient of an Exceptional Service Award and a Distinguished Service Award. Townsend was awarded a bachelor of science in 1971 and a master of science in mechanical engineering in 1973 from Tennessee Technological University and holds certifications in Buildings Systems Technical Commissioning and Technical Retro-commissioning disciplines.

Please Join WV ASHRAE for our
2022 Day of Learning/Trade Show
April 28, 2022 – Flatwoods, WV

Focus is on Energy Efficient Systems and Application

This event is open to ALL!  You do not need to be an ASHRAE or WV ASHRAE member to attend this event.

Please visit our 2022 Day of Learning page for more information and to register!

Thank You to Mike Bilderbeck
for presenting our February meeting
“Case Studies in Engineering Ethics”

PDH certificates will be issued soon, so keep an eye out for yours!

Recent Past Event Webinar Recordings

April 29, 2021: Electrification of Heating and Rapid Decarbonization in KY and WV, Presenter: Stet Sanborn, Principal and Engineering Discipline Leader, SmithGroup’s San Francisco office https://www.gotostage.com/channel/0dfe8579113349958deb1495414799db/recording/9755c1f81071423abdac102682426edc/watch

Chapter Mission

Provide technical. leadership and education support to the WV Building Owners and Design + Construction + Support Community. Local focus areas: green buildings, energy efficient buildings, Indoor air quality, water management, energy codes, refrigeration, HVAC, energy recovery, zero energy use – primarily in nonresidential buildings. ASHRAE supports the Indoor Built Environment with Standards, Research and Training.

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