2014-15 WVASHRAE History

2014-2015 Chapter Leaders:

President – Grant Spencer
President-Elect – Jennings Davis II, P.E.
Vice President – Sam Butzer, P.E.
Secretary – Sam Butzer, P.E. David Cotton, P.E.
Treasurer – John Pruett, P.E.
Governor – Todd Zachwieja, P.E.
Governor – Art Hallstrom, P.E.
Governor – Dan Nolte
Governor – Ray Wohlfarth
CTTC Chair – James Lowry, P.E.
Membership Promotion Chair – Ted A. Zachwieja III
Research Promotion Chair – Ray Wohlfarth
Student Activities Chair – David Cotton, P.E.
GGAC Chair – Art Hallstrom, P.E.
Historian – Paul Rigney
YEA Chair – Ted A. Zachwieja III

2015 Region VII CRC Accomplishments

In our 2nd year, we finished in 4th place with our PAOE point total, but only 82 points from 2nd place!  At the annual Region VII Chapters Regional Conference (CRC), the West Virginia Chapter was recognized for outstanding performance and received several awards, including the following:

  • Technology Award – 1st Place – Presented to John Pruett
  • Presidential Award of Excellence
  • ASHRAE Community Sustainability Project Award

2014-2015 Available Chapter Documents

Meeting Minutes:
September 26, 2014 Chapter Meeting Minutes
November 13, 2014 Chapter Meeting Minutes
January 9, 2015 Chapter Meeting Minutes
March 25, 2015 BOG/Chapter Meeting/EXPO
May 29, 2015 Chapter Planning Meeting Minutes

September 2014 Newsletter
November 2014 Announcements/Newsletter
December 2014 Newsletter
February 2015 Newsletter with EXPO Program
March 2015 Newsletter (Early Edition)
March 2015 Newsletter (Late Edition)
April 2015 Newsletter

2015 History Leadership Recall:
Ted Zachwieja Leadership Recall

CIQ and CRC Information:
2015 WV R7 CRC Chapter Report (PDF)
2014-15 WV CIQ Report (.xls)