2018-19 WVASHRAE History

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Mr. James W. Lowry, P.E.
Mr. Chase Thomas, P.E.
Vice President
Mr. Scott Cowley
Mr. Shane Hall
Mrs. Krista Danielle Smith
Technology Transfer Chair
Mr. Samuel T. Butzer, P.E.
Government Activities Chair
Mr. David Cotton, P.E.
Membership Chair
Mr. Arthur D. Hallstrom, P.E.
Research Promotions Chair
Mr. Jennings L. Davis II, P.E.
Student Activities Chair
Mr. Shane Hall
YEA Chair
Mr. Alexander L. Clarkson
Mr. Jennings L. Davis II, P.E.

Board of Governors

      Mr. Todd A. Zachwieja, P.E. – ZDS Design/Consulting Services
      Mr. Art D. Hallstrom, P.E. – AD Hall
      Mr. Ray Wohlfarth – Fire and Ice
      Mr. Dan Nolte – Casto Technical
      Mr. Jennings L. Davis II, P.E. – McDonough Bolyadr Peck (MEP)
      Mr. Robert C. Doeffinger, P.E. – ZMM Architects & Engineers
      Mr. Samuel T. Butzer, P.E. – ZMM Architects & Engineers
      Mr. Shane Hall – Midwest Spec

2019 Region VII CRC Accomplishments

2018-2019       WV ASHRAE Performance

The annual Region VII Chapters Regional Conference (CRC) was held as a joint conference with Region XII in St. Pete Beach, FL August 7-10, 2019.  The West Virginia Chapter was again recognized for outstanding performance and received several awards, including the following:

  • West Virginia took FIRST PLACE in Region VII in PAOE points this year. Our fourth time finishing in First in our 6-year history.
  • The David Levine Award for Excellence in Chapter Performance – Presented to James Lowry, President
  • Presidential Award of Excellence
  • Community Sustainability Award – Presented to Shane Hall
  • Top Percentage of Goal and Challenge Goal for Research Promotion – Presented to Jennings Davis
  • 1st Place in Membership Promotion – Presented to Art Hallstrom
  • Jennings Davis received a Chapter Service Award

WV ASHRAE had an OUTSTANDING 2018-2019 PAOE performance, finishing in 1st place in Region VII with 14,263 points, 2,182 points ahead of the 2nd place chapter.  Overall, we finished in 35th place in the WORLD.  With our PAOE performance this year we maintained our Premier Chapter Status, one of only eight in the world.

Chapter Operations – We finished 1st in Region VII.

CTTC – Chair, Sam Butzer, finished in 4th place in Region VII.

GGAC – Chair, David Cotton, finished in 2nd place in Region VII.

Membership Chair, Art Hallstrom, finished in 1st place in Region VII.

Student Activities – Co-Chairs, Shane Hall and Sam Butzer, finished in 4th place in Region VII.

Research Promotion – Chair, Jennings Davis, finished in 4th place in Region.

Historical – Chair, Jennings Davis, finished in 3rd place in Region VII.

Electronic Communications – Chair, Jennings Davis, finished in 1st place in Region.

2018-2019 Available Chapter Documents

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CIQ and CRC Information:
2018 WV R7 CRC Chapter Report (PDF)
2018 R7 CRC WV History Presentation (PDF)
2017-18 WV CIQ Report (.xls)